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KYC – Photo and Signature Capture

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KYC – Photo and Signature Captur

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KYC – Photo and Signature Captur

KYC process is a well-known factor today, however just a few years back, this was an align concept. Before adhaar cards and the process of attaining one, KYC or Know your customer was done in the background at banks. It is simply collecting of customer information like name, address, phone numbers, etc. and filing it together with the customer profile. Today KYC process involves adding customer image, thumb impression, Adhaar ID, etc.

This process is easier for new customers whose details are being taken at the moment. However, if you want to add the specifications like image & thumb impression to the older customers and their files, it could be quite hectic. Our KYC- photo and signature capture software helps make things easier for you to keep these older documents up to date. You can collect these particulars from the older customers and feed to the DMS software, which will then get organized into the customer’s previous records.


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What types of documents are compatible?

Scanned paper documents, documents created on word, Excel, etc. scanned Images, Audio filed and video files.

Who can access the documents?

Anyone with the login details.

How safe are the documents?

They are very safe as only those with login details can access. The documents are also backed up on cloud in-case of system failures.

Is it customizable?


What about the pricing?

Totally negotiable.

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