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One of the major industries that could benefit immensely from the document management system is the real estate industry. Real estate is an important part of the economy in every country all over the word. It is all about buying, selling or renting properties like buildings, houses or lands. To make this process even more easier and structured, real estate business is set up. These real estate businesses happen to handle the transactions like buying, selling or renting properties and sometimes also act as middlemen between the property owners and interested customers.

There are a lot of documents to be managed in every industry, but the documents to be handled in real estate industry are a lot more important and sensitive. These documents include-

Personal details of the property owners and customers like name, ID proof, Image proof etc.
Documents about the property and its worth
Legal documents about the ownership of the property
Legal documents about the safety and security of the property
Legal contracts drawn between the owner of the property and the person renting the property

And these are just to name a few. Be it a residential property or a commercial property, every deal made comes with multiple number of important documents that are very private and sensitive.

Documents management system helps to handle all these important and sensitive documents in a more effective way. It is true that most of these documents are drawn on papers. However, it is a good sense to keep all these paper based documents backed up on the DMS software on your system. Document scanner can be used to scan the paper documents and convert them into digital files that can then be fed to the record management system on your computer. This ensures that the files are backed up, they are secure and also easily accessible compared to the paper filing system.

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Education industry is an important part of every country, to ensure its constant growth and development. Right to education is recognized by governments all over the world and in a few countries, it is a compulsory thing to educate children up to a certain age. Education is all about a facilitator sharing knowledge and skills with his or her students. Since education industry deals with people is large numbers, there are automatically a lot of documents involved too. Document management system could be a huge support to file these effectively and also keep them handy.

Documents in educational industry come in various types which include-

Legal documents about the educational facility and property information
Personal information and ID proof of the facilitators.
Qualification and experience details of the facilitators.
Information and details about the students and the course they are taking up
Fee structure and student’s payment details

And so many more important documents are involved in a successfully running educational facility.

DMS software can do a lot in an educational institution like-

Provide centralized control over all student documents
Provide easy access to the files due to digitized record storage that is easy to search
Keep the records safe and secure with providing access based on permission alone etc.

Document management system allows educational facility to manage the large amount of documents in a more effective way. It helps in keeping the documents safe and secure. It also provides an easy access to the documents as and when required. With a proper record management system in place, the educational facility can focus their time and efforts on increasing the quality of the system. Everything else like the enrolment details, financial details, planning the academic year etc. can be done through the DMS software on your computer.

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FMCG or Fast moving consumer goods usually consists of household goods that are non- durable and cost less. These are the products that sell pretty quickly too. FMCG products include packed food, beverages, toiletries, chocolates and candies, tea and coffee, over-the-counter medicines etc. The FMCG industry largely depends on the packaging of the food and proper marketing of the products. Considering this, the documents involved in FMCG industries may involve-

Packaging designs and ideas
Marketing campaign related documents
Production and sales related documents
Inventory documents
Product consumption details and related documents

These documents are just to name a few. With the right document management system in place, a lot of activities can be taken care of more effectively. When a batch of products come in, all the details of the products can be fed into the DMS software on your system so that you will have a better view of how long these products can be on shelf. It is also easier to compare the sales of the products to decide which of the products can be given more importance to while procuring them. DMS software in FMCG field can also make things easier to control the flow of goods and in procurement as well. These are just a few activities in the sales part that is made easier by a proper records management system.

When it comes to marketing, the DMS software can be used in a whole different angle. You can create, design and store marketing campaigns for various products on a single platform. This way, you can compare and make changes to them whenever required. By feeding the sales related documents, you can also identify which campaigns are working out better and which products may need more visibility. Document management system does not just save time and space, but it also changes the whole way you run things in an FMCG industry.

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Much as the name suggests, Agro industry deals with agricultural based products such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses, dairy and meat. This is just a sub- category of FMCG industry since these products too are perishable and sell quickly. Agro industries deal with staples and products that every household needs, and hence these products are in rotation on shelves pretty much throughout the year. A few of the products in the agro industry have a higher shelf life like grains and pulses, salt, sugar, ground coffee and tea leaves, etc. However, most of the important products like fruits, vegetables and meat have much lesser shelf life.

Agro industries may have much lesser documents to deal with compared to other industries as they deal with products that sell quickly. However less the amount of documents are, it is always a good sense to have a good document management system in place in order to keep the records backed up and safe, find the required documents more quickly and easily, have better access to the documents, etc. and above all, DMS saves a lot of money and space which paper documents cannot.

Documents in Agro based industries may include-

Accounts related documents
Purchase orders
Sales and marketing related documents
Human resource related documents like new hires, performance management, etc.
Other accounting and ERP related documents

Having the right records management system in place ensures that all the workflow process is faster and more efficient. Finding the documents has never been easier with the DMS software in place. It saves a lot of time and efforts. DMS software also saves money spent of office supplies and think of all the space that can be saved without hordes of files and paper documents.

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Manufacturing industries are those that manufacture products using raw materials, machines, labor, etc. Manufacturing industries are the backbone of every country as they contribute to the most of its economy. They vary from small scale industries to large scale industries depending on the products they manufacture. Usually small scale industries manufacture products that are sold to larger industries as raw materials for a much more complex product. We as consumers do not seem to bother for a moment about the amount of time and effort goes behind a product that we use on an everyday basis.

Manufacturing industries generally have to deal with a huge bulk of documents on a day to day basis. That includes a lot of administrative documents as manufacturing industries come with a large number of workforce. That includes-

Human resource related documents like new hires, performance management, etc.
Employee details like resume, position held, performance, salary details, etc.
Accounts and finance related documents.

And then there are operations and production related documents like delivery forms, procurement details, purchase orders, revision notices, etc. All these documents are absolutely necessary to ensure smooth operation of things in the workplace. However, such a bulk of documents cannot be maintained as effectively and efficiently in the form of paper and files. Apart from the compliance policies that require you to maintain a few important paper based files, rest of the documents related to work force can be fed and maintained in a proper document management system.

With the right record management system, you can ensure the safety and security of the files. Because, there is always the threat of important and sensitive files being stolen or leaked in a manufacturing industry. With the DMS software in place, you can grant access to trusted people alone and no one else can gain access to the files. You can also reduce the amount of space that the bulky paper documents cover up. All the documents are available at a single place and searching for a file is so easy and effortless.

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Handling accounts and finances in an effective way is the heart of the operations in every organization. It is very crucial that financial records are created and maintained perfectly. Installing a document management system can improve the productivity of auditing and accounting firms. It is also important to ensure that this system is flexible enough to adapt to the changing market conditions and blend in with the day to day activities of the firm.

The kind of documents that needs to be filed and maintained in an auditing firm include-

Tax related documents
Audits and related documents
Payroll documents
Administrative documents

There are a lot of softwares available in the market that offer to maintain documents in these fields. However, more often than not, these are not something that unifies all these under one roof. Our document management system designed for auditing and accounting firms allows you to feed and maintain all these documents at one place. The DMS software also makes it easier to keep a tab of taxes, audits, payroll, etc. in a more effective and efficient way.

Financial documents are also very sensitive and need to be kept safe and secure. There is the threat of these important and sensitive documents being compromised, stolen or leaked. With the DMS software in place, you can grant access to trusted people alone and no one else can gain access to the files. The documents can be saved on your server as well as on the cloud just to ensure that the files are retrievable in case of system failures.

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Effective documents and records management is an essential part of every organization. Most organizations are bound by law to retain a few documents or certain types of documents for specific period of time. Now one can only imagine how important it is to manage documents effectively in a law firm. There are a lot of types of documents that are important in an organizational environment. But legal documents are by far the most important and sensitive kind of documents that need to be maintained safely, securely and efficiently compared to other documents.

Law firms need to deal with a lot of paper based documents on a day-to-day basis. Converting these paper based documents into electronic documents can be of a huge advantage to law firms because they will be able to freeze the documents so that nobody can alter or change the contents of the document. Even if someone tries to make any changes to the documents that will always leave an Audit trail that is recorded in the database. There are also a lot more advantageous for maintaining electronic documents compared to paper files and binders. However, legal firms still face the biggest challenge of not being able to maintain the files comprehensively due to their growing number and size.

DMS software is an absolute necessity for every law firm because-

It gives you a better access to all the documents since it is all in one place
At the same time, the security isn’t compromised as the access is permission based
The records are stored in a more structured and organized manner
You can access the documents at any time and from anywhere
Any changes made to the documents are noted by the system for that extra security

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Logistic are one of those industries where the work process is pretty on the go and hectic. At any given point of time, transport and Logistic Industries operate on various locations and on multiple routes. They do not have any structured work conditions like working hours or working days of the week. In such environment where there is very little importance given to the administrative activities, dealing with paper based documents and filing system could be really challenging. However, just like in any other organization, Logistic Industries also require to organize and manage their documents in order to ensure error free and secure transactions.

Usually the documents involved in a logistics industries include-

Product information and other related documents
Details about the transportation like mode of Transportation, person in charge, etc.
Information about the routes
Pricing models and resource allocation.
Permits and other legal documents, etc.

Having the right document management system in place takes the pressure of the industry to have to maintain an Administration Department just to handle paper-based documents. Since all of the documents can be handled on the computer system, maintaining and managing these documents can be done by just one or two people working in the firm. The record management system helps to capture the demand-supply data on a real time basis and also help in providing insights about changing conditions of the route or fleet.

DMS software also provides a better view of all the logistics that are in transit and helps in identifying and solving any problems that occur during the transit. Apart from the fact that these documents can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, the DMS software also helps the organization as well as its clients/ customers by providing real-time status of the logistics. If there are any product or logistics that are sensitive or critical which needs to be prioritized above all else, the DMS software helps in identifying such situations and highlighting them so that they can be addressed on priority basis.

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Working in a Retail Industry could be quite hectic and interesting at the same time. It is the only kind of Industry where you have to deal with customers on a much closer level. The process of marketing the products, closing huge sales deals and ensuring that your customers stay happy and satisfied with your products could be tiring, however it is also very rewarding. When the working conditions are this hectic and daunting, simple administrative activities like filing, documenting, storing, organizing and sorting could be pretty much overlooked.

When this may not seem like a huge issue on the front, not having a proper documentation system in place could lead to confusions and waste of time looking for lost reports, misplaced lists/ contracts, etc.

Retail Industries have to deal with a lot of different types of documents like-

Product order forms
Wholesaler information and contact details
Inventory documents and procurement related documents
Important retail contracts
Employee records and information
Delivery reports and Commission reports
Documents related to sales and profit etc.

And there are a lot more paperwork involved in retail environment.

With the right document management system in place, it ensures that these paperwork and important documents are filed and organized in a much more effective and efficient manner. This helps in reducing the storage space that is taken up by paper based files, documents and binders and also makes it much easier to access the information. There are a large number of organizations that rent out storage space just to store their paper based documents. Having a record management system could save the money and efforts spent on paper files, boxes, binders, etc.

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