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File Renaming Software

Naming and renaming files could be really tricky, especially when it has to be done in bulk. Our File renaming software makes this task look like a walk in the park. With this software in place, you can rename a large number of files and folders at a time. The software also allows you to do a whole lot more like adding or changing time stamps, replacing numbers & texts, inserting numbers/ texts, Converting the case of letters, Processing folders and sub folders, etc.

Using file renaming software you can do changes to files in multiple levels. Think of the times you wanted to align a few files in alphabetical or numerical order but you couldn’t because the file names aren’t right. If only you could rename the bulk of files at a single shot so that you will have the files aligned alphabetically or numerically. That is exactly how file renaming software will help you out.


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What types of documents are compatible?

Scanned paper documents, documents created on word, Excel, etc. scanned Images, Audio filed and video files.

Who can access the documents?

Anyone with the login details.

How safe are the documents?

They are very safe as only those with login details can access. The documents are also backed up on cloud in-case of system failures.

Is it customizable?


What about the pricing?

Totally negotiable.

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