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Best Document Management Software India

It is no doubt that Document Management software is a great alternative to paper based documents. It is effective and efficient, it saves a lot of time and money and best part of all, in case of disasters, DMS offers the best recovery option. At times, the documents loaded on to DMS could be quite bulky and may need a deeper level of sorting. That is where Document splitting software comes into play.

The document splitting software helps to split bulky document into sub categories which can then be fed into the DMS software. Usually scanned documents are not easy to split or sub- categorize, but the document splitting software does the job quite easily and efficiently. Using this software you can break down documents based on particulars like Age, Email ID, Address, physical traits, expertise, etc. This software will come in huge help in HR department to categorize employee details and resumes. It is also helpful at clinics to categorize patient details.


What types of documents are compatible?

Scanned paper documents, documents created on word, Excel, etc. scanned Images, Audio filed and video files.

Who can access the documents?

Anyone with the login details.

How safe are the documents?

They are very safe as only those with login details can access. The documents are also backed up on cloud in-case of system failures.

Is it customizable?


What about the pricing?

Totally negotiable.

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