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Document scanners are pretty much a necessity to feed filed into the DMS software, especially those files that are on paper. Printed documents, images, etc. can be fed into the document management software by scanning them in the document scanner. You will then have the files in a more accessible format like PDF or jpeg. This document can then be filed in the DMS software in your system.

There are a range of document scanners in the market like HP, Canon, Epson, etc. Our team are certified resellers of Kodak’s document scanners. We offer to help set the scanner up and connect it to the DMS software on your system. You can find all the available product options and price details below.


What types of documents are compatible?

Scanned paper documents, documents created on word, Excel, etc. scanned Images, Audio filed and video files.

Who can access the documents?

Anyone with the login details.

How safe are the documents?

They are very safe as only those with login details can access. The documents are also backed up on cloud in-case of system failures.

Is it customizable?


What about the pricing?

Totally negotiable.

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