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Every organization is bound to have a large number of documents both important and confidential. If not for a proper filing system in place, it is impossible to account for all of these documents. Without the filing and management system, important documents cannot be accessed when required and there is a risk of losing confidential documents! Hence a document management system software is a major necessity for every organization.

What is DMS?

DMS or Document management system has been around ever since organizations came into being. Be it a small industry or a large multi-national company, every organization has a document management system to manage their documents. Before computer, DMS was all about organizing and filing paper documents. Bulk of paper files collecting over time make things messy and unmanageable. That is when DMS software came into usage. Document management software India is an advanced version of paper filing system in which the paper documents are converted into electronic documents that can be fed into the software through computers. These paper documents are either scanned by document scanner which are then saved on the computer to be fed to the DMS software or the filing is done directly on the computer.

Why DMS?

DMS software is the most sorted way to manage your documents in this technological world. Using DMS software, your documents remain well filed and organized. You can pull out any document from any timeline much quicker and with much ease. It is also possible to access your documents from anywhere in the world and not just from your office premises. The documents stay safe and secured and in case of any issues with the system, there is a backup of everything fed to the software which can be downloaded from cloud.


DMS software is very much customizable to it to the needs and requirements in hand. However, the most common features of every document management software are as follows-

  • Input
  • Indexing
  • Search
  • Processing
  • Workflow Automation
  • Security
  • User Dashboard
  • Customization

Suitability of DMS

Document management software can be used to manage any amount of files, small or large. All you would require is a computer system with a document scanner synced with it, so that you can scan paper documents, prints, Images etc. and feed it to the DMS. You can also file the audio and video documents on the DMS software which isn’t possible with the paper filing system.


Pricing of the DMS software can vary from organization to organization as it is customizable and tailor made to fit the needs of the organization in hand. However, every penny spent on DMS software is totally worth it as paper filing system costs a lot more and is very wasteful too.

System Requirements

System requirements for a document management system are as follows-

  • OS- Windows 7 and above. 64-bit is much preferable for better compatibility
  • CPU- 750 MHz
  • Memory- 500 MB RAM
  • Hard drive space- 100 MB
  • And a Document scanner


What types of documents are compatible?

Scanned paper documents, documents created on word, Excel, etc. scanned Images, Audio filed and video files.

Who can access the documents?

Anyone with the login details.

How safe are the documents?

They are very safe as only those with login details can access. The documents are also backed up on cloud in-case of system failures.

Is it customizable?


What about the pricing?

Totally negotiable.

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