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eDMS Features

Document Archival & Retrieval

Documents arranged in multi level folders for better understanding

e-mail Archival & Retrieval

e-mail attachments automatically stored and can be used in workflow


GUI based simple workflow for review

Deployment Options

Can be deplyed On-premises OR Cloud

User Management

Manage users and control the access to documents


Documents encrypted while storage


Add metadata/index to documents for quick and easy retrieval.

Multiple Deployment

DMS servers can be deployed in your server OR in cloud

eDMS benefits

eDMS is a complete Document Management Solution (DMS) to effectively manage all your dcocuments and emails. It also handles the documents through workflow to ensure the documents are reviewed by individuals

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Improved visibility

Disaster Recovery Plan(DRP)

Minimises Paper Handling

Saves time

Quick and easy retrieval

Cenralised control

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